Military Shelter, HMMWV Mounted


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Nomenclature: S-710
Part Number (Unshielded): 206625
Part Number (Shielded): 206626

The S-710 shelter is a Gichner design incorporating the latest in lightweight, high strength structural engineering. This insulated, all-weather, mobile unit offers remarkable next generation features and endures the toughest field conditions.

Bonded sandwich construction consists of a polyurethane foam core, aluminum skins, and a framework of high strength welded and riveted aluminum alloy extrusions. Construction materials and processes are identical to the S-280 (C)/G per MIL-S-55286E. Foam and beam panel construction provides high strength-to-weight ratios and facilitates ease of modification, repair, and maintenance. Developed specifically for the new generation HMMWV, the S-710 offers the largest interior volume of the HMMWV shelters. Exterior dimensions permit the vehicle mounted shelter to be driven onto military aircraft such as the C-130. Bolt-on adapter kits allow the S-710 to be attached to a HMMWV or CUCV truck without tie-down slings.

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