Military Shelter, HMMWV Mounted


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Nomenclature: S-788 LMS
Part Number: 206620

The Lightweight Multipurpose Shelter (LMS) is a lightweight, high strength enclosure designed specifically for use on the HMMWV. Selected by the United States Army as its primary electronics platform for wheeled tactical vehicles, the S-788 contains the latest advances in shelter design technology. The rugged design of the S-788 endures demanding off-road military operations while protecting on-board electronics from potential hazards. C-130 drive-on/back-off capability meets your system transportability requirements.

Weighing only 608 lbs. (weight per MIL-PRF-44408 Type I - with mounting kit add 88 lbs., with pintle extension add 50 lbs.), the S-788 is capable of accepting payloads up to 3,330 lbs. This impressive strength-to-weight ratio is the result of innovative material engineering. Panel construction consists of aluminum faced, honeycomb-core, hot-bonded panels on the walls, roof, and floor. With nearly 295 cubic feet of useable interior space, 50% more than the S-250, the S-788 shelter is ideal for most C3I tactical missions.

The S-788 is available in three configurations to meet your specific mission requirements:
Type I - Basic S-788
Type II - S-788 with generator tunnel, escape hatch and CB purge valve
Type III - S-788 with generator tunnel only.

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