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The HMMSATT operates over DSCS at X-band and over domestic and international satcom systems at C-band and Ku-band; drives on/off a C-130; and is rugged, dependable, and adaptable. This comprehensive system, transported on a heavy-variant HMMWV, is quick and simple to deploy, easy to operate, compatible with a wide range of satellite systems, highly mobile, and constructed with endurance in mind. And HMMSATT is designed and built by experienced industry leaders who created a compact package using COTS equipment, but also developed a full complement of available options that allow you to tailor the terminal to your precise specifications.

HMMSATT Offers...

The fastest deployment of any actual wideband SATCOM terminal

    The HMMSATT terminal can be up and running in 20 minutes with only two external connections: user data and power. (When equipped with the optional on-board 10 kW diesel generator, only user data need be supplied.) One person setup and unmanned operation.

The simplest deployment of any tactical wideband SATCOM terminal

    Park it. Power it up. Connect the user data. Initiate the automatic antenna erection and acquisition routine. Confirm satellite identification. Turn on the carrier. And initialize the link!

Compatibility with a wide range of satellite systems

    A high performance, rugged 2.4-meter antenna has interchangeable feeds that allow HMMSATT to operate at X-, C- and Ku-Band over DSCS, domestic or international satellite systems. Changing bands in the field is as simple as changing the feed and selecting the operating frequencies. High performance, redundant three-band frequency converters take the hard work out of band changes.

High mobility

    HMMSATT can go anywhere you want it to go, any way you want it to get there. It is designed for drive-on loading on a C-130, it is fitted with lift rings for lift by crane or the CH-47D Chinook helicopter, and is also rail transportable. HMMSATT is a self-contained system that moves, where you need it, when you need it.

Ease of operation

    Operation is simplified through the use of a rugged terminal that provides a graphical user interface for the HMMSATT monitor and control from a remote location, up to 2 km from the HMMSATT.

Modular design for simplified maintenance

    The accessible, modular construction makes field maintenance quick and easy. All LRUs are connectorized; the one-piece antenna feed boom assembly includes feed, redundant LNAs and transmit filter; side-mounted racks hold all other major equipment items.

Rugged, multi-stage shock and vibration isolation systems

    Built-in, shock isolation systems buffer shock and vibration from off-road operation or rail-car transport.

Built-in environmental control systems

    Redundant 18,000 BTU air conditioning systems control equipment operation temperatures even in desert environments. A positive overpressure system is incorporated to counteract "blowing fine sand" conditions.

Advanced technical features that simplify operation

    HMMSATT’s features make deployment and operation simple. The antenna controller has a built-in GPS which provides HMMSATT location and calculates antenna azimuth and elevation angles. The graphics monitor and control function provides complete terminal control. One electronic equipment complement covers all three satcom frequency bands.

A full complement of available options

    Options that allow you to tailor HMMSATT to meet your specific needs include such features as:

    • An on-board 10 kW diesel generator fueled from the vehicle’s supply or an add-on tank
    • A 6 meter telescopic mast with motorized erection and operation to provide capability for cellular hub, SIGINT antennas, point-to-point microwave or VHF/UHF link
    • A jack system that allows you to separate the communications shelter from the HMMWV and operate it as a fixed terminal
    • Shore power feeder cables
    • A modular ECU that can be interchanged with alternate ECU systems
    • RFI shielding to 60dB when tested IAW MIL-STD-285 (150 KHz to 10 GHz)

HMMSATT is the most versatile, compact and mobile satcom terminal available today. It is designed to offer effective communications wherever and whenever you need it, to withstand a variety of rugged environments, and to be as quick and easy to operate as possible.

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