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C-130 Trailer

Gichner Shelter Systems produces a full line of custom-built trailers for military applications. Constructed primarily of aluminum using Gichner’s foam and beam technology, these trailers are lightweight and can be EMI shielded. The use of foam and beam construction results in a highly flexible design that can be customized for almost any application. Excellent thermal performance and high strength-to-weight ratios and durability are assured. Gichner trailers are designed for severe environments and for highway or off road travel. The use of high quality commercial running gear components coupled with custom designed chassis and enclosures result in reliable and maintainable trailers that can withstand years of rough service. Trailers up to 53 feet in length have been produced using these methods.

In addition to custom-built trailers, Gichner modifies commercial trailers for use as electronics platforms. This approach results in a lower cost solution where the performance and flexibility of a custom designed trailer are not needed. Gichner can perform modifications on standard enclosed semi-trailers or on commercial shipping containers that can be mounted to ISO trailers resulting in true intermodal transportability. Gichner’s trailer design and manufacturing capabilities cover the entire range of mobile platform needs.

The trailer shown above is a custom-built electronics platform. This trailer features air-ride suspension and a unique elevating kingpin that permits the trailer to be backed on to a C-130. Its unique shape maximizes the use of the available space in the aircraft making it the largest trailer that can be loaded this way. It includes an onboard Environmental Control Unit (ECU) that provides 130,000 BTU of cooling and 8kW of heat. Full power conditioning and power and signal distribution provisions are included on this trailer. If desired it can be outfitted with onboard power generators and multiple internal compartments to maximize functionality.

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