Military Shelter, Truck Mounted


Applications: Electrical Equipment Shelter

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Nomenclature: S-280C/G
Part Number (Unshielded): 206627
Part Number (Shielded): 206628

The S-280 shelter provides optimum performance under the most demanding field conditions. Lightweight, high strength, insulated and all weather, this shelter satisfies general purpose applications for housing communications and other transportable electronic equipment. Rugged inside and outside, the S-280 is equipped to withstand adverse weather and terrain, in addition to a high level of interior traffic.

The S-280 shelter is of foam-and-beam sandwich panels which consist of a polyurethane foam core, aluminum skins and a framework of high strength aluminum alloy extrusions. Structural strength is assured by orientation of the floor and roof beams in transverse direction. This "barrel hoop" construction provides the ability to withstand drop tests and high roof loads. Foam and beam panel construction provides high strength to weight ratios and facilitates ease of modification, repair, and maintenance. Thick inner and outer floor skins (0.050 in.) lend added strength to withstand increased personnel or equipment traffic. Shelter corners are reinforced to accept leveling jacks and to withstand side load imposed by high wind velocities.

The original S-280 shelter was reviewed under the U.S. Army Product Improvement Program. As a result of this review and the DoD standardization of shelter programs, the current S-280 was developed and reflects valuable construction changes and nomenclature model redesignation. The result is an improved, tested, standard shelter.

The S-280 can be transported via military truck, helicopter, cargo aircraft such as the C-130, M720 and M832 mobilizers, and by rail and ship.

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