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Part Number: 209659

Sideloading trailers and trucks are designed for the sole purpose of handling ISO containers and pallets, making them much more efficient at this task than other multi-purpose vehicles such as PLS systems (originally designed for flatrack pallets).

Benefits of utilizing Sideloaders for routine handling of containers in rear areas are as follows:

Weight Capacity (Stand-Alone)
Up to 79,200 lbs
Number and Type of Containers
One 40-ft Two 20-ft
Lift Method
Level Raise Both Ends
Commercial Road Tractor (or Rough Terrain Truck)
Highway Speed  
70 mph+
Cost (approx)
50% of PLS
Height w/Container (low bridge clearance)
12.5 ft
Stack Two High?
Load/Unload Rail
Load Other Com'l or Line Haul Trailers

Containers can be loaded to & from the ground, stacked 2-high, and cross-loaded between other trucks, trailers or rail cars. The extended outreach of 3.7 meters greatly enhances the cross-loading capabilities in any situation.

Loading of a container onto a sidelifter can be accomplished by one operator in about five minutes. The remotely controlled (by wire or radio signal) dual-speed Danfoss proportional controls built into each system provide for smooth control of the container load at all times, to ensure maximum safety and product reliability.

 The lowline crane design provides for the smallest crane profile in the business, providing a low center of gravity and reducing the chance for damage from port cranes or straddle carriers. The lowline design also reduces the maintenance requirements associated with wear and tear of on-road travel.

Emergency Response Efficiency

Sidelifters are ideal for use by emergency responders who can store heavy or voluminous supplies and equipment in ISO containers and then respond quickly to a disaster site with just the right container for that emergency.

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