HMMWV Cargo Racks

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Add functionality to your HMMWV with the new, easy to install, Gypsy RackTM accessories.

Gypsy Rack Basic Can Carrier
WEI Part Number: 209887
Gypsy Rack Spare Tire/Can Carrier
WEI Part Number: 209889
Gypsy Rack Overhead 2 Man Version
WEI Part Number: 209894
Gypsy Rack Overhead 4 Man Version
WEI Part Number: 209895
Gypsy Rack Overhead Full Length Version
WEI Part Number: 209896
Gypsy Rack Overhead Hard Top Version
WEI Part Number: 209897
Gypsy Rack MTVR 7.5 Ton Side Version
WEI Part Number: 209899
Center Seat Conversion Kit for 7 Ton
WEI Part Number: 209900
Wagon Back Conversion Kit
WEI Part Number: 209898
Gunners Station Short Shield for M1114
WEI Part Number: 209905
Front Pintle Shield Kit
WEI Part Number: 209902
Gunners Station Shield
WEI Part Number:209901
Cradle/Yoke, Swing Arm, and Ammo Can Holder
WEI Part Numbesr: 209906, 209907, 209908
Short Universal Pintle Adapter for Saw/Gulf
WEI Part Number: 209912
HMMWV Side Pintle Mount, Right Front
WEI Part Number: 209909
HMMWV Side Pintle Mount, Right/Left Rear
WEI Part Numbers: 209910, 209911
Under Body Protection Kit
WEI Part Number: 209913

Retro Fit Bolt-In Roll Bar 2/4 Man Version
WEI Part Numbers: 209915, 209916

Gypsy Rack D-Ring Brush Guard
WEI Part Number: 209918
Gypsy Rack Tow Bar Holder
WEI Part Number:209920




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