Quick Erecting Antenna Masts

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QEAM series is a reliable screw drive, guyed field mast with optional vehicular mountings.

  • Telescoping Sections
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • MIL Spec Qualified
  • Reliable Drive Mechanism
  • Automatic Locking
  • Easy Manual Crank Up
  • No Power Supply Necessary
TM 10 Antenna Mast

The TM 10 quick erecting antenna mast is designed for manual deployment of light payloads for ground mounted, vehicle and shelter deployments. Designed and qualified as the AB-1386/U for the U.S. Army QEAM™ program, the simple, easy to operate design, is affordable for a wide variety of mobile communication applications.

Additional QEAMS
  • TM 6 QEAM: 6 meter model for low profile and ready deployment
  • HDTM 10 QEAM: Heavy duty 10 meter model with greater payload capacity
  • TM 15 QEAM: 15 meter model for extended height and increased payload
  • TM 34 QEAM: Strap drive 34 meter model for maximum height and payload capacity
Vehicular Mounting Kits

Optional Vehicular Mounting Bracket Kits for QEAM series mobile applications are available in addition to the ground mount equipment (dismount kit) included with each mast. The vehicle mounting kits adapt to the standard mast for freestanding or guyed vehicular configurations. These kits must be ordered separately.

HMMWV Streetside Mounting (MT-6967/G)

HMMWV Mounted Shelter Mount

Suggested Applications

Antennas, Surveillance Equipment, Radar Systems, Target Acquisition, Mobile Communications, Electronic Warfare

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