Telescoping Masts

Wenzlau Engineering offers a complete line of tactical and commercial telescoping masts and lighting products. Each mast family is available in varying heights and payload capacities. Select from the menu below for more information.

Telescoping Masts - Will-Burt
Heavy Duty Non-Locking
Rugged non-guyed pneumatic masts for temporary applications.
Heavy Duty Locking
Pneumatic locking masts reaching heights up to 104 feet.
Standard Duty
Non-guyed pneumatic masts for lightweight applications.
Stilletto Masts
Screw-drive masts that are designed for rapid, precise automatic deployment.
Field Deployable
Rapid deployment lightweight masts designed for a variety of needs.
Saber Composite Masts
Revolutionary high strength carbon fiber masts constructed for high payload, exacting requirements.
Hurry-Up Masts
Lightweight inexpensive, manually erected masts deployable in under one minute.
Night Scan Vertical
Make this the ideal choice for full scale emergency operations.
Night Scan Powerlite
First choice for fire and rescue. Low roofmounted profile providing lighting capabilities to larger areas.
Night Scan Chief
A smaller, more compact, all electric version of the night scan.
Night Scan Profiler
High efficiency lighting with a slim profile for limited space applications.

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